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Student Right to Know

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Student Right to Know

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 Verification of Compliance Requirement  Source  Link
(1) Undergraduate Catalog Course Catalog
(1) Graduate Catalog Course Catalog 
(1) Student Handbook Student Handbook 
(1) Resident Student Handbook Student Handbook/
Graduate Catalog
(2.a) Graduation and Completion rate for the student body disaggregated by gender, ethnicity and receipt of Pell grants Financial Aid Consumer Info Site/ Office of Institutional Research                                                  
(2.b) Overall cohort graduation rate Financial Aid Consumer Info Site/ Institutional Research 

(2.c) Process for withdrawing as a student
Withdrawal from the University (Student Accounting)/
Forms and Policies

(2.d) Cost of attendance (i.e. net tuition calculator) Financial Aid Consumer Info Site
(2.e) Policies on the refund and return of Title IV funds Financial Aid Consumer Info Site
(2.f) Names of applicable accrediting agencies  Accreditation and Assessment
or Financial Aid Consumer Info Site

(2.g) Description of facilities and accommodations available for the disabled
Disabilities Services
/Rights and Responsibilities (Disabilities Services) 

(2.h) Policy on enrollment in study abroad Study Abroad
(2.i) Licensure pass rates for the most recent three-years Office of Institutional Research

College of Education (Praxis Exams): 

B.S. Athletic Training (BOC Exams):

M.A Speech-Language Pathology(Praxis Exams):

M.S Occupational Therapy(NBCOT):

M.S.W Social Work (National Exam): 

P.D School Psychology (Praxis II):

(3) Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 
(3) Attendance and Leave of Absence  New Student Attendance Policy/ Leave of Absence (Academic & Registrations)

(4) Written description of the methods used to collect and review information on student outcomes and licensure pass rates Accreditation and Assessment
(5) Advertising and recruitment materials that show the accreditation status with the Commission and any other U.S. DOE approved agencies 
***University Relations may need to provide more information in this section
Middle States Matters (Accreditation and Assessment)/
Nathan Weiss Graduate College Newsletter (PDF)

Academic Calendar Registrar
Grading Office of the Registrar/Center for Academic Success

Admissions  Admissions 
Academic Program Requirements  Degrees and Programs

Registration Office of the Registrar/ Kean Wise

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