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Charity and Distress Collection Bin Policy

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Charity and Distress Collection Bin Policy

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The University recognizes the benefit of permitting student groups and departments an opportunity to conduct charitable and distress collection activities on campus in order to encourage positive leadership excellence and social consciousness in a complex global community. The Center for Leadership and Service maintains administrative responsibility for the approval of all charity/distress collection bins throughout the campus. Availability of space is limited and priority will be given to official University efforts.


  • Only recognized student groups and departments are permitted to sponsor charity/distress collection bins.
  • Collections must be on behalf of a nonprofit charitable organization.
  • Recognized student groups and departments requesting the use of collection bin space must complete an online Charity/Distress Bin Application on the Center for Leadership and Service website.
  • The Charitable and Distress Bin Collection Application will be reviewed and approved and/or denied.
  • Once the charitable/distress bin request has been approved, it may be placed for a period of two (2) weeks in specified locations. Only one (1) bin per location is permitted. A list of approved bin placement locations is available in Miron Student Center, room 219.
  • All charity/distress collections bins will be assigned on a first come first served basis.
  • All charity/distress collection bins must be emptied at least twice a week by the sponsoring student group/department.
  • All charity/distress collection bins may not obstruct entrances or exits and must comply with fire code regulations.
  • All collection bins must have a printed flyer attached to the front of the bin which has been approved and stamped by Center for Leadership and Service. The flyer must include the name of student group or department sponsor, start and end date of collection, purpose of collection, description of requested collection items and name of charitable organization to receive collection items.

Bin Locations 

Main Campus Locations 

Administration Building (A)

  • First Floor: 2- (1) In Between Administration and Townsend Lobby, by concrete beam, across from the sliding door (1 box per beam, there are 2 beams)

Bruce Hall  (B)

  • First Floor: 1- (1) In the Lobby of Bruce and Townsend
  • Second Floor: 2- (1) To the left of B-200B. (2) In the Corner below the exit sign- to the right of T-219

Maxine and Jack Lane Center For Academic Success MAXINE 

  • First Floor: 2 - (1) Under the TV.  (2) In front of the widows, across from the TV

Downs Hall (DN)

  • First Floor: 1 - (1) From the automatic doors:  On the Right side of the doors on the left. Or Vending machines should be pushed together and then to the left of the women's bathroom

Harwood Arena (HW)

  • First Floor: 2- (2) Across from the information desk, 1 on either side of the doors in the corner.

Hennings Hall (HH)

  • First Floor: 2 - (1) Across from HH-116 by the water fountain.  (2) In between HH-112 and 113

Hutchinson Hall (J)

  • First Floor: 1 - (1) Next to the Right of the water fountain - across from the doors in Lobby

Nancy Thompson Library (L )

  • First Floor: 1 - (1) From the Main Entrance, in front of the column on the right.

Science Building (C) 

  • First Floor: 2 - (1) By C-144 Lobby corner.  (2) Between vending machines by C-145 to the Right.
  • Second Floor: 2 - (1) By C-241 Lobby by the window to the left of the elevator.  (2) By C-221 to the Left in the little nook.
  • Third Floor: 1 - (1) By C-330 outside the door to the Right

Townsend Hall (T)

  • First Floor: 1 - (1) In the Lobby on the darker blue tile.   (There's 3 shades of blue tile- anywhere but the light blue tile)
  • Second Floor: 1 - (1) To the Right of T-219

Miron Student Center (MSC)  

Vaughn-Eames Hall (VE)

  • First Floor: 1 - (1) To the left of the Elevator by VE-104 and to the right of the men's room.
  • Willis Hall  (W) 
  • First Floor: 2 - (1) Outside W-121 in the corner 
  • Wilkins Theater (PA)
  • First Floor: 2 - (1) Outside Box Office.  (2) Across PA-144 on brick wall.

 East Campus Locations 

  • Cafe YuMBA - First Floor: 1 - (1) to the Left of the Coffee stand, in between the chairs.
  • Lobby - Second Floor: 2 - (1)In the Lobby in between the chair (2) Outside of 232 in the Corner

Kean Ocean Campus Locations 

  • Please contact the Kean Ocean Campus Life office for Charitable Collection Bins on the Ocean County College Campus.

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