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Group Fundraising Policy

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Forms, Policies and Procedures

Group Fundraising Policy

The University defines fundraising as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or to enhance a student group budget.

The Center for Leadership and Service maintains administrative responsibility for the approval of group fundraising activities.


The following guidelines are applicable to all fundraising activities by recognized student groups on Kean University owned, operated, or controlled property:

  • Only recognized student groups in good standing are permitted to engage in fundraising activities.
  • A currently enrolled student member(s) of the sponsoring recognized student group must be present during the entire time of the fundraising activity.
  • Fundraising activities must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
  • Raffles must follow New Jersey State and Township laws which may require applicable paperwork and fees.
  • Coined collections should only be conducted with “sealed containers” and not opened until the conclusion of the event.
  • Special solicitation of funds through direct mail or other means ( email solicitation etc.) may require additional approval and review.
  • Student groups must seek clearance from the charitable organization before seeking approval to fundraise on their behalf.
  • All fundraising activities must be approved prior to being advertised and must adhere to the Kean University posting policy. Information for advertisement must include the purpose and beneficiary of the fundraising activity.
  • Revenue-producing activities held on campus or in the university may not directly benefit the individual officers and/or members.
  • When events are scheduled to raise funds for a cause, the percentage of funds to be used to support the cause must be stipulated in the description of the fundraising activity. ( Examples 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the NJ Community FoodBank.)
  • Recognized student groups involved in fundraising efforts on behalf of a charitable organization must Create an Event on Cougar Link


  • Kean University reserves the right to restrict all fundraising activities to reasonable times, places and manners. The following activities are specifically prohibited:
    • Solicitation by credit card
    • Door-to-door fundraising on Kean University owned, operated, or controlled property
    • Fundraising for any candidate for political office
    • Sale or distribution of items that violate University trademark rights or existing contracts

Additional Restrictions And Requirements 

Kean University acknowledges that a policy of this nature may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise with respect to fundraising activities. As a result, the University reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions and/or requirements with respect to the time, place, and manner of fundraising activities. These restrictions may be in addition to, or in lieu of, those set forth in the policy.


Any impropriety or non-compliance to this fundraising policy may result in sanctions including, but not limited to cessation of future fundraising activities. Failure to obtain proper approval to engage in or sponsor sales or fundraising, or failure to adhere to University policy regarding activities for which permission has been granted, will result in the curtailment and/or cancellation of the event.

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