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The One-Stop Service Center provides Kean University’s students and community quality student services at a convenient and central location. Located at the Office of the Registrar, the center is a starting point for assisting newly accepted and continuing students with navigating Kean University administratively and academically. Students are able to get assistance, ask questions, and pointed in the right direction with regards to registration concerns, transfer and graduate services, general student accounting and financial aid information. The One-Stop Service Center also serves to handle matters normally handled by the Office of the Registrar. The Center is the student’s home for Academic Services from entrance to the University through graduation. There is always a friendly staff member to assist students with their questions and concerns.

Forms Include:

Located on KeanWise:

      KeanWise Link

  • Change of Address
  • Enrollment verification
  • Student Educational Records Release (FERPA)

Located on the Registrar website and at the One Stop Service Center

All Financial aid Forms are on Financial Aid website or can be picked up at One Stop

Forms located in the Dean’s Office:

  • Add/Drop
  • Credit overload

Forms Located in Departments:

  • Registration Petition
  • Course Overload Petition

(Both above petitions can be submitted online by entering in the system by a faculty member or chairperson)

Services Include:

  • Register for course(s)
  • Register for Independent Study or Internship (supporting documentation required)
  • Drop course(s)
  • Withdraw from University (must see Retention specialist)
  • Process Train/NJ Transit Verification forms
  • Diploma pick-up
  • Provide referrals to other departments
  • KeanWise training for students at Kiosk
  • Answer various questions pertaining to Financial Aid
  • Assist students with adding and dropping courses during registration periods
  • Withdraw students from courses once registration has closed with Dean’s permission
  • Assist newly admitted, transfer, second degree, and re-admitting students with their “next steps”
  • Accept graduation and certification applications with paid receipts
  • Official Transcript pick up
  • Accepts tuition waiver forms and supplement documentation
  • Process add/drop forms obtained from Deans office
  • Provide copies of program evaluations for transfer students
  • Student appeals/petitions may be submitted at One Stop for consideration
  • Provide verification of Enrollment to students
  • Provide Degree Verification Request
  • Print unofficial transcript requests
  • Process change of Major/Minor status change (forms must be signed)
  • Stamp University Seal for official departmental documents
  • Process Grade Recalculation submission
  • Approval/Denial of ZipCar requests (on-line)
  • Process all registration petitions, drop/add and credit overload forms
  • Process Pass/Fail and Audit requests

***Payments are made in the Office of Student Accounting or through Kean Wise***

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