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Hybrid Courses

A young woman takes a hybrid course

Hybrid Course Request Form (Part I)

Copy this form and fill it out to request for course. Send completed form to

Annotated Syllabus (Part II)

Copy this form and fill it out (after Part I above is approved by VPAA). Send completed form to

Writing an application for a hybrid course and need support?

Five Types of Hybrid Courses at Kean (prefix is HY in KeanWISE)   
Teaching Mode  
1. F2F & Synchronous**  F-S-F-S-F
2. F2F & Asynchronous F-A-F-A-F
3. Mixed (F2F, Sync & Async) **  F-S-A-F-S-A-F-S-F-S-A-F-S 
4. Remote (Synchronous)  S-S-S 
5. Remote (Sync & Async) S-A-S-A-S-A

Planning for Engagement

Key in the application process is demonstrating planning for student engagement. 86% of GenZ are looking for interaction, engagement, and flexibility in their courses. 

“Taking time to foster relationships with students and being intentional about online learning allows instructors to create a differentiated response with each student.” (Galvin Teich, 2023). 

The Kean University Hybrid Course application process supports faculty as they intentionally design hybrid courses. 

Five ways to build teaching presence in a virtual environment:

  • Personalize your course so students get to know you

  • Do consistent check-ins on their social-emotional health as well as their state of engagement with course assignments

  • Encourage one-on-on meetings by phone or video chat

  • Provide immediate feedback

  • Send video responses


Hybrid Course Development Process (Online)

In this Workshop we will discuss how faculty can request to offer hybrid graduate and undergraduate courses.

Workshop Slideshow: view