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Kean University

Courses Taught

  • General Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology of Adolescence
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Life Span Development
  • Psychology of Sexuality
  • Psychological Statistics

Areas of Expertise

  • Understanding Theories of Human Behavior
  • Identifying and Understanding Psychological Disorders
  • Research Methodology

Teaching Philosophy

Engaging students in the learning process is one of the most important aspects of teaching. Being able to involve each student in the discussion of course content to apply what they learn to their personal lives is one of my top priorities. When students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to the outside world, they enjoy and look forward to leaning .

The best part about teaching at Kean University

The opportunity to work with wonderful motivated students, faculty members, and staff at Kean University is truly rewarding.

My students should know

I have taught psychology for over 10 years.