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Kean University

E. Teresa Choate, Ph.D., has been teaching undergraduates for almost forty years  In addition to her publications, she has directed professionally, including Summerfolk, Oedipus the King, and Murder in the Cathedral. Among the many productions she has directed at Kean, her most recent productions include An Octoroon, Midsummer Night's Dream, Marisol, and Orlando. Her primary areas of expertise are Dramaturgy and Directing, with a focus on theatre history, dramatic literature, as well as acting and directing theory and techniques.  

Courses Taught:

  • World Theatre I
  • World Theatre II
  • Script Analysis and Dramaturgy
  • Period Styles of Acting
  • Acting I
  • Introduction to Theatre

Selected Publications:

Electra USA: American Stagings of Sophocles' Tragedy, Brecht in an Hour, Hansberry in an Hour, Beckett in an Hour, Albee in an Hour

Advice for Students Preparing for Dr. Choate's Class:

"I care passionately about teaching and about theatre, and we’ll be spending time together that will be intense, demanding, and exciting. I’ll place before you the sharpest tools that I possess (whether they be in script analysis, theatre history, or acting) and helping you learn how to pick those tools up and build your own learning experience. I compare learning to building a house. There are “A” houses, “B” houses, “C” houses (and houses you don’t want to consider building). I’m the architect and the site foreman, but you’re the one who has to pick up the tools, spend sufficient time on the job site, and employ both intellect and creativity in order to build your best house. My advice for a student taking one of my classes? Care as much about your education as I do, and you’ll build a house of which we’ll both be proud."