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Kean University


  • B.A., Psychology and Communication, Rutgers University
  • M.A., Educational Psychology, Kean University
  • Psy.D., Combined School & Clinical Psychology, Kean University 

Courses Taught

  • Psychological Tests and Measurements (Psy4200)
  • Psychological Statistics (Psy3200)
  • Life-Span Developmental Psychology (Psy3110)
  • Experimental Psychology (Psy4230)

Selected Publications

Gubi, A., Bocanegra, J.O., Callan, G., Giordano, K., Vega, V., & Espinal, J. (2018). The role of trainers of school psychologists in promoting diversity recruitment. The School Psychologist. 72(3). 18-35.

Gubi, A. A., Bocanegra, J. O., Espinal, J. M., Dejud, C., & Fan, C.-H. (2018). A pilot study and review of the School Psychology Cultural Competency Training Scale. Contemporary School Psychology22(3), 369–383. https://doi-org/10.1007/s40688-017-0139-9