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Areas of Expertise

  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Retention Initiatives
  • Student Success

Courses Taught

  • Educational Psychology 
  • Abnormal Psychology 
  • The African-American Family 
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Counseling
  • Group & Counseling Interventions
  • Human Relations Practicum I & II
  • Peer Counseling

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the classroom is a learning environment for both the students and the instructor.  I realize that students come into the classroom with different frames of reference, at different learning levels and with different learning styles.  I use different methods of teaching, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and I also teach the students to understand their learning styles and to manipulate material to their preferred form of learning.  I use a community and interactive pedagogy when teaching.  I want my students to understand that they are active participants in the learning process. They are not only learning from me, but from each other as well.