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Kean University


 Linda M. Symanski, M.A., LPC
Pre-Vocational Specialist
Program Coordinator M.A. in Psychology; Human Behavior & Organizational Psychology Option

Courses Taught

  • PSY 1000 General Psychology
  • PSY 2100 Child Development
  • PSY 2110 Adolescent Psychology
  • PSY 3110 Lifespan Developmental
  • PSY 3130 Psychology of Learning
  • PSY 3310 Psychology of Aging
  • PSY 3540 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 3650 Understanding Self  & Others
  • PSY 3660 Community Psychology
  • PSY 4940 Senior Seminar
  • PSY 4950 Psychodynamics of Ind/Grp BHVS
  • GRAD Course: Lab Training in Human Relations I
  • PSY 5050 Applied RES METH & Inquiry
  • PSY 5430 Psychological Dimensions in Human Resource Development
  • PSY 5530 Advanced Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 5640 Analysis of Small Group Processes


Prof. Linda M. Symanski is an Alumni of Kean University, with a B.S. in Management Science; B.A. in Psychology; Certified in Training
and Development; the  Behavioral Sciences/ Business & Industry Option; is a licensed Mental Health Therapist earning the LPC in 1998;
is a National Certified Counselor, member of CISM; a  Board Certified Professional Counselor; and a Disaster Response Crisis Counselor
(Ret.) who was one of the original Team Members who worked on Project Phoenix, the WTC Grant.  She is also a Pre-Vocational  Specialist. In addition to working in psychiatric Outpatient Facilities as a Program Director and Mental Health Therapist;  Prof. Symanski was a Mental Health Clinician in psychiatric hospitals. Prof. Symanski has over 25 years of business experience both as a line worker and in Managerial positions.  Prof. Symanski was an Adjunct Prof. of Psychology at Kean for 19 years; is currently serving as a Full-Time Lecturer II in the Psychology Department, entering her 11th year.  In addition to teaching five (5) courses each semester, Prof. Symanski is the Program Coordinator for the M.A. in Psychology; Human Behavior & Organizational Psychology Option. Areas of research would include DEI in various organizations – how to develop, compose and implement appropriate DEI protocols within organizations utilizing psychological approaches.