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Faculty Information for Fall Course Conversion - Archived

In our preparation for the Fall semester, you have been asked to engage in a Course Conversion Process so that Kean University is prepared to offer flexibility in course delivery in the face of the uncertainties brought about by an unprecedented pandemic. The School of Online Education, in close collaboration with the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Council of Deans, is working to help faculty prepare to teach their Fall 2020 courses with the creativity and personalization that are the hallmarks of each of our academic programs while using a common platform, our LMS, Blackboard. By using Blackboard and common templates within it, the mode of delivery will be consistent and minimize student confusion as they continue their academic journey taking multiple courses offered from different colleges within the university.  

In order to address some of the questions that have arisen surrounding the Course Conversion Process, we are using this faculty resource webpage to provide additional information as it becomes available and have created an FAQ

A number of the questions regarding the Course Conversion Process may have arisen due to inconsistent communication as information filters from the College Deans to Executive Directors to Program Coordinators and then to faculty.  In some cases, confusion may have occurred because each College, with its unique needs, is approaching the conversion process and preparation for Fall course delivery in a slightly different manner.  Finally, some confusion is the natural result of an organic process that is evolving; frankly, we have never been in this situation and we are all on a steep learning curve.  

Please continue to share your questions with your Deans. We will continue to update the FAQ and provide additional information as the process unfolds and as the demands of the Fall semester dictate.  Please remember, we are in this together, as we continue to provide the highest quality education for our students.