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Kean University

Kean Ocean Mission & Vision

Kean Ocean Mission Statement

The mission of Kean Ocean is to extend the mission of Kean University to south central New Jersey. This includes providing access to affordable public higher education and Kean University’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Kean Ocean. Kean Ocean dedicates itself to the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of all its members -- students, faculty, and professional staff. Kean Ocean will continue to offer baccalaureate-completion and graduate programs to the state’s sixth largest county by population, second largest by land area, and one of the fastest growing yet underserved (by higher education) counties. Kean Ocean will offer degrees in as many curricular areas as demand will support, with as much economy and efficiency as the partnership’s sharing of resources will allow. Kean Ocean operations will continue to combine Kean University and Ocean County College support services, supplementing or enriching them as necessary to deliver the same Kean University World Class Education, regardless of location.

Kean Ocean Vision Statement

To grow Kean Ocean and make it the premier public baccalaureate and graduate degree granting institution in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. In doing so, increase the programmatic offerings to 60 undergraduate and 25 graduate program options, with the eventual transformation of Kean Ocean into a full service branch campus. Kean Ocean will provide its students with full and unimpeded access to all university services, whether through physical duplication on site or through means of remote interaction with the home campus. Kean Ocean students will be fully enfranchised and satisfied members of the Kean University community.

Kean Ocean Strategic Plan

Kean Ocean Strategic Plan 2020-2025