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Kean Alum Leads Elmora Troopers to the Little League World Series

VIDEO: Jairo Labrador '07 made the national spotlight with his inspiring speech to the Elmora Troopers during the 2019 Little League World Series. The alumnus says Kean's professors helped make him "the teacher that I am and the coach that I am."
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Liberty Hall Museum & Academic Center Connects History with Future

VIDEO: The new Liberty Hall Museum & Academic Center offers students, scholars and visitors the chance to conduct hands-on research of historical artifacts and documents.
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Kean Skylands campus

Kean Skylands Campus Opens to Students

Students from northwest New Jersey are studying biology, criminal justice and management at the new Kean Skylands campus in Jefferson. It offers students with associate degrees the chance to earn their bachelor's degrees close to home on a unique campus with a renovated former abbey and a treehouse classroom building, all connected by a beautiful skywalk. 
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'Centennial' Scholarships Make Higher Education Goals Possible for Kean Freshmen

Meet some of the freshmen starting at Kean thanks to the Centennial Fund Scholarship, a need-based award for students with exceptional academic backgrounds.
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Students Design New Learning Plaza at Kean

Architecture student Hugo Burgos helped design the new Learning Plaza that is now open on the former site of Willis Hall, which was torn down over the summer. The new plaza provides a view into campus from Morris Avenue, a comfortable, natural setting and charging stations, so students - and their devices - can recharge between classes.
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Hand written tags and labels adorned the fine of ancient Madeira wine

Centuries-Old Madeira Wine on Display at Liberty Hall Museum

The stash of 221-year-old Madeira wine discovered a few years ago at Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University is now the subject of a Liberty Hall exhibition, History in a Bottle. WATCH: media reports on the exhibition from CBS New York and News 12.
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Cougars Climb Higher at Kean Commencement 2019

VIDEO: The 2019 graduate and undergraduate classes of Kean University celebrated their commencements at NJPAC and the Prudential Center.
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Kean Ocean Students Head to Front of the Class at Lavallette School

Health and Physical Education majors from Kean Ocean are getting the chance to earn extra in-school training through a unique relationship with the Lavallette school district.
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Michael Graves College Inaugural Architectural Studies Class Set to Graduate

VIDEO: Michael Graves College had its first class of architectural studies students graduate from the School of Public Architecture. Michael Graves, the legendary architect and designer, created the college's curriculum to explore the value of public spaces and provide students with a global education, including coursework in New York, Rome and in China at Wenzhou-Kean University.
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Kean Ocean Drummer Snares Success With Viral Videos

For Kean Ocean graduating senior Julianna Mascia, drumming has gone from a cure for high school distraction to the launchpad for an international career. See how this public relations student used social media to earn sponsorships, land touring gigs and build connections with artists like the Jonas Brothers.