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A photo of Kean's STEM building

Kean University Receives NSF Grant to Accelerate Innovation

Kean University has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to support capacity-building for innovative research and jumpstart entrepreneurship and discovery.
The STEM building at Kean is home to ILSE.

ILSE at Kean Announces $4 Million in Federal Awards to Three Companies

The life science companies working with the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship (ILSE) at Kean received grant funding to research new potential anti-fungal and Alzheimer's treatments.
Brenna Levine working in the lab with student Nicolas Largotta, a junior molecular and cell biology major

Kean University Professor Brenna Levine Helps Discover First ‘Virgin Birth’ in Crocodiles

Assistant Professor Brenna Levine, Ph.D., co-authored a research paper proving female crocodiles can reproduce without a mate, a finding that sheds new light on scientists’ understanding of crocodiles’ ancestors, dinosaurs.
Kean alumnus Marvin Andujar demonstrates a piece of brain interface equipment

Kean Graduate Pioneers Brain-Computer Interface Projects, Including Hands-Free Painting

It may sound like science fiction, but Kean University alumnus Marvin Andujar, Ph.D., has helped people paint pictures and fly drones hands-free, using only their brains.
Photo of the new George Hennings Research WIng Fall 2020

Kean Receives Three National Science Foundation Grants to Help Diversify STEM Education

Kean University received three recent grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand equity and opportunities for students, faculty and future teachers in the STEM fields. 
Eric Landaverde, in a jacket and tie, points to a his research on a large screen.

Kean Grad Goes from High School Dropout to Researcher of the Year

Computer science graduate Eric Landaverde ’23 said he had a disdain for education until he came to Kean and discovered his passion for research.
Susannah Porterfield, ed.d., vp for research

Kean Q&A: Vice President Susannah Porterfield, Ed.D., Research Advocate

Kean’s new Vice President for Research Sue Porterfield, Ed.D., talks about expanding research at the University, the background she brings to the position, and what she likes best about the ‘beautiful’ Kean campus.
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Research Days Highlights Student Projects at NJ's Urban Research University

More than 1,300 students and faculty shared their research and creative works at the University’s 15th annual Research Days. The panel, poster and oral presentations spanned all academic disciplines and showcased Kean’s growing prominence as a research university.
Dhairavi and Dhaara Shah, on the left, and Estella and Esther Blankson, on the right, are all presenting research at Kean's Research Days

Twin Sisters, Researchers, Raising the Profile for Women Scientists at Kean

Among the many students presenting at Research Days will be four women of color, all Kean students and aspiring doctors, who share more than their love of science.
Students display research at Research Days 2022.

Kean Research Days to Showcase Student, Faculty Discovery

Kean’s commitment to student research takes center stage as more than 1,300 students and faculty get ready to share their work in the University’s annual Research Days, Monday, April 24-Wednesday, April 26.