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Communication Graduate Lands Social Media Role for NFL

One young black man in a green pullover and a tan young man in a black suit stand on a stage in front of a projector screen

Francisco Reyes (left) and Sebastian Salazar (right) at the Kean Sports Summit on November 30, 2023.

Francisco Reyes always followed professional football growing up in Atlantic City, but now the Kean alumnus is making a career of it as an NFL social media and marketing associate.

For the past few months, he’s been ensuring that the best moments from NFL games are posted to social media and followed up with reactions, quotes, videos and messages.

“In my second week on the job, I found myself sitting a few feet from Commissioner Roger Goodell,” recalled Reyes, who commutes to NFL headquarters in New York from Elizabeth. “It was one of those pinch-yourself moments where you say, ‘Oh, wow, l'm really here!’ It's surreal, and my inner child is enjoying it.”

Reyes, who graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, said it was his work experience, rather than his contacts within the sports industry, that landed him his job with the NFL — and previous positions with ESPN and Pro Football Focus.

Young black man in a blue striped button-down and black collared jacket standing and smiling
Francisco Reyes

“They liked my resume because most of the work I've done has had a pro football focus,” he said. “In fact, the NFL offered me the position 15 minutes after my second interview. I think it was meant to be.”

Ajah Hunter, managing assistant director of technical services at Kean, never doubted that Reyes would achieve his goals. She still remembers his huge grin when she interviewed him in 2015 for a commentating position at Kean.

“I saw how enthusiastic he was and knew he would fit perfectly at Kean Live,” Hunter said. “Aside from being a natural leader, Francisco adapts to any situation thrown at him, and I loved how he kept his composure when unforeseen circumstances occurred on air. I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished and cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.”

At Kean, Reyes served as executive vice president and then president of Kean’s Student Government Association, learning leadership and public speaking skills. Stephanie Fazer, former director of the Office of Student Government, remembers him as “one of my best presidents, a leader dedicated to being the voice of the students and getting the job done.”

While Reyes had planned to go into sports broadcasting, his commentating experiences convinced him that social media would be a better fit, allowing him to be more creative and versatile. He also credits a Kean internship in the tape library at MSG Network with teaching him the importance of establishing himself in his industry.

That thoughtful career exploration paid off, said Zach Tantillo, head of social media at Pro Football Focus and Reyes’ former supervisor.

“He had a great attitude every single day,” Tantillo said. “He took and implemented feedback extremely well, a key part of success in our business. I always appreciated his flexibility and willingness to make things work.”

Since graduating, Reyes has made sure to share his insights with students at Kean.

In November 2023, he served as a panelist at the school’s first Sports Summit, hosted by the Kean Sports Business Club and the President's Advisory Council to acquaint students with sports professionals and potential career paths. Now, he’s advising Student Government President Makenzie Kuntz through a formal Kean mentorship program.

“I think it can be valuable to hear from someone who has had similar experiences but then graduated and gained a broader perspective,” Reyes said. “I’m proud to be involved because I want to give back to Kean in any way I can.”