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Kean University

Kean Employee Wellness Initiative Takes Its First Steps

“Are you ready to walk? Let’s go!” said Kean President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D., as he kicked off the University’s new Well-Being at Work initiative on a beautiful September morning outside Miron Student Center.

More than 75 people – mostly employees and some students – gathered at 8 a.m. to join President Repollet in a walk around the Union campus.

“This is one of our major priorities this year,” Repollet said. “We know we are working – after this walk, we will all go back to work, but we have to remember to balance work, play and exercise.”

Repollet added the wellness initiative events will also provide a chance for fellowship, and maybe even networking, among Kean employees.

“How many folks here are going to get a chance to interact with me or my senior staff?” he asked. “These opportunities are afforded to them, and I want them to take advantage of it.”

The Well-Being at Work initiative will offer various programs throughout the year that address employee health – physical, emotional, financial and environmental.

“We're doing this for overall well-being. It's exciting to do events where people can come, be social and be active,” said Jennifer Peters, executive director of Human Resources at Kean. “We also want everyone to realize that this is not a one-time event; this is something we should be doing all the time.”

The mood among the walkers was upbeat as they walked in small groups along the shaded paths of Cougar Walk. One of Kean’s newest employees, Dean Burrell, who started full-time in Human Resources days before the walk, said it was a great way to explore the campus and get in some exercise. 

“I like to walk in the afternoons but since I started working, I haven't had as much time and energy for that,” he said. “It's nice to have the things that I like to do in my leisure time integrated into my work time.”

Professor Frances Stavola-Daly said the walk was fitting for the School of Health and Human Performance, where she teaches.

“We just want to encourage people to do this,” she said. “This is perfect for our school, and also perfect for the campus, so I appreciate the president taking the initiative.”