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Students Contribute to Fourth Edition of Professor's Book

A graphic image with the names Melissa Tito, Maria Dominguez and Robin Landa

The fourth edition of Distinguished Professor Robin Landa’s book, Advertising by Design, has been released and includes contributions made by two of her students in Kean’s Robert Busch School of Design.

Class of 2021 students Melissa Tito and Maria Dominguez assisted in the design of Landa’s Quickstart AD Guide, a 12-step resource included in the book. The streamlined guide to conceiving, art directing and designing advertising includes recommendations such as “be a force for good.” 

The latest edition of the book, published by John Wiley & Sons, also covers topics such as the evolution of advertising, brand strategy, experiential and immersive advertising and more. 

Landa’s books have been assigned to advertising and design students at Kean and around the world. She said her ongoing research into advertising and design practices and innovations inspires her to write and share her knowledge and findings with others, especially students in the field. 

“My primary research is in the disciplines I teach—advertising and graphic design. I also conduct research into creativity and other related visual arts subjects, such as drawing,” Landa said. “Interviewing esteemed creative directors also creates industry connections for our students. The responsibility falls to me and my colleagues to ensure our majors’ work is cutting-edge.” 

Tito, a senior graphic design major from Woodbridge, said she was honored to be selected to work with Landa. 

“Together, Maria Dominguez and I evaluated the existing design direction for the cover and thought of ways to translate the design for the Quickstart AD Guide,” she said. “The process of making this guide gave me a glimpse into what I would have to do in my future career.” 

Landa said working with Tito and Dominguez was one of the highlights of her academic career. 

“Melissa and Maria are extraordinary individuals. They are brilliant, professional and know how to put their immense talents to good use,” she said. “Based on the creative solutions they completed in my Promotional Design course during the Spring 2020 semester, I selected them to design the guide, as well as to assess my 12-step process. Together, they created a stunning design solution.”

Landa has had over 20 books about advertising, designing, creative thinking, visual thinking, branding and related topics published. She donates proceeds from her books to fund scholarships at Kean’s Robert Busch School of Design (RBSD) and other graphic design and advertising organizations.

Her research has also contributed to RBSD’s curricula. 

The new edition of the book is available in English, Spanish and Chinese and is sold on major book platforms such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Chegg. All her works are available here.