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Kean Foundation Scholarships

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The Kean University Foundation is the university’s primary fundraising and gift-receiving organization. It was founded in 1984 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that advances the mission of Kean University by pursuing and securing private support to benefit Kean’s students, faculty, programs, and/or facilities.

Who is eligible?

All new and current students are eligible to apply for Kean University Foundation Scholarships. This is a competitive application of Kean's best and brightest students, so be sure to prepare your application thoughtfully.

  • Click here to apply for the 24-25 Kean University Foundation Scholarship Application!

Helpful Tips

  • One single application will enable you to be considered for any scholarship that matches your academic history, program, interests, and other criteria.
  • Be sure to answer each question in the application. The more complete your application, the better your chances of getting matched.  
  • Write a well written thoughtful response to the writing prompt. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to the Scholarship Committee.
  • Plan your time. As part of the application, it is highly suggested that you submit a letter of recommendation. Request this from an individual who will be able to provide insight as to who you are and some of your success stories. Your recommendation should come from someone other than a family member, such as a former teacher or academic adviser or someone from a volunteer/community services organization. Be sure to provide ample lead time to ensure you are conscientious of their busy schedules.
  • Note: The priority filing deadline for the Kean University Foundation Scholarship is March 1, 2024. However, scholarship applications will continue to be accepted throughout the academic year, as funding permits.


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Application Process

  • Click here to apply & be sure to select the 24-25 Kean University Foundation Scholarship Application.

  • Students will be notified of their scholarship awards for the upcoming academic year late spring/early summer via email from the Kean University Scholarship Manager portal.

  • Selected scholars will be asked to review the scholarship agreement, accept the award, and submit a formal thank you letter to our generous donor.

  • These steps are all to be completed on the Scholarship Manager website, login here.

  • For help writing a formal thank you letter, please click here.

*Selected scholarship recipients who do not complete the required final steps of reviewing the scholarship agreement, accepting the award, and submitting the formal thank you letter may no longer be eligible to receive the award.

Ready to create opportunities?

Learn more about how you can engage with Kean University and be part of the growing community of generous donors.  Make your gift to the Kean Fund for Excellence.

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