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Kean University

Alan Robbins teaches courses in the Graphic Design program of the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University.  His area of specialization is visuality, the study of images, and he has created a number of courses in this field for the program.  He is also the founding director of The Design Center at Kean University, which has won numerous awards for its exhibition, publications, and products in the various fields of design, including a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant in 2000. Professor Robbins was named the Janet Estabrook Rogers Professor of Visual and Performing Arts from 2006-2009. Professor Robbins is an award-winning writer and the author of 31 books in the areas of mystery science fiction, puzzles and humor, and visual communications. He has written two books in the area of visuality and is a former contributing columnist about design for the New York Times.  His series of bookblogs on design and creativity has over 50,000 readers. His cartoons, illustrations, and graphics have appeared in dozens of publications and exhibitions.  Professor Robbins was an art director for many years and an interactive designer specializing in games.  His unique series of mystery jigsaw puzzles has millions of fans around the world.   His YouTube channel has over 9 million hits. He is a frequent presenter at conferences on the subjects of design, visuality, and creativity.