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Kean University

Readmission into Kean University Graduate Programs

Kean University encourages former graduate students to apply for re-enrollment into the University. Please see specific guidelines below detailing the re-enrollment process as it pertains to your specific status.

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An application for readmission is required for previously enrolled graduate students in good standing who have not attended Kean for three or more consecutive semesters, or who have missed more than six semesters during their program.


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Applicants for Readmission

You must meet all of these criteria to be eligible for readmission:

  • You were out of the program for more than three semesters but less than six semesters.
    • If you were out of the program more than six semesters you will need to submit a new graduate application.
  • You left the University in good standing (e.g., you were not dismissed).
  • You met published deadlines for submission of the application and required documents. Be sure to refer to your specific degree program’s deadlines. Students who have been absent for more than one year will be required to submit new letters of recommendation.
  • You have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Please note that:

  • Readmission into a specific degree program is at the discretion of the program coordinator. The program coordinator must approve whether you are readmitted into a program, and readmission to cohort-based programs may not be not possible. Access individual program pages here to learn more about each program’s admission requirements.
  • Each program has its own program coordinator. View the complete list of graduate programs to access your program and the contact information for its program coordinator. 
  • Upon readmission, you are held to the current curricular requirements in effect at the time of the readmission and not the curricular requirements in effect at the time of your initial admission. Depending on when credits were initially earned, you may be required to retake certain courses. Learn more in the academic catalog
  • Kean University accepts up to six transfer credits for graduate programs on a program-by-program basis. If you have attended other institutions since leaving Kean University, please confer with your program coordinator to determine whether transfer credits for graduate coursework will be accepted. It is up to the discretion of the program to accept transfer credits.

To apply for readmission, please complete and submit the Application for re-enrollment. Be sure to select the reason for your non-enrollment status.