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Kean University has developed a comprehensive Climb Higher Restart Plan for the Spring 2021 semester. Please visit the Return to Campus page to find details and contact information for student services, admissions and more.

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Kean research shows Covid deaths and social vulnerability factors in New York City

Kean Research Maps COVID-19 Impact Across Communities

A Kean mathematics associate professor has developed data analytics research on the impact of COVID-19 that is helping guide authorities as they respond to the pandemic and roll out vaccines. 

Testing for COVID Is My Job

When José Bencosme tells people where he works, they typically step away from him. Check out his story and learn why José says he's happy being part of the front line at Kean University, fighting against the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
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Kean alumnus Shawn Lawson '17 gestures in a spoken word performance.

Kean Celebrates Black History Month

A monthlong series of events celebrating and exploring Black history and culture, including dance and spoken word performances and a livestreamed documentary, is planned throughout February at Kean University in recognition of Black History Month.
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Kean DPT White Coat ceremony formal picture

White Coat Ceremony Celebrates Kean Physical Therapy Students

Kean’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) school held its first White Coat Ceremony, marking the students’ entry into clinical training at hospitals and other healthcare settings in preparation for graduation this year.
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Sancha Gray, Dr. Repollet, Randi Weingarten and Ras Baraka, wearing face masks, sit on stage at Enlow Recital Hall.

Education, Political Leaders Call for Strengthening African American History Lessons in K-12 Classrooms

At a National Day of Service event, Kean President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. and others called for teaching African American history in K-12 education across the curriculum and throughout the school year. 
Kean University's STEM building illuminated at night.

Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship at Kean Introduces Biotech LaunchPad to Support Startups

ILSE at Kean University has created Biotech LaunchPad, a comprehensive suite of business and scientific services to support the commercial success of life science startups that offers flexibility to help take early-stage companies to the next level.
Suzanne Barich and her daughter, Addison, taking a Christmas photo.

Vital Health Resource for Union County Community Becomes More Kid Friendly

Student clinicians at the Kean University Center for Communication Disorders are trained to advocate for their patients’ needs. For their pediatric patients at the free clinic, they identified a small improvement that they believed would have a big impact on care.
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How COVID Testing Works

Have you ever wondered how COVID-19 testing works? Why does it take so long to get results? Join Robert Pyatt, Ph.D., assistant professor of genetics and genomics, as he takes you inside a clinical diagnostic laboratory at Kean University to explain how COVID-19 samples are tested for the coronavirus and why results aren't instant ... yet.
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Robert Pyatt, Ph.D., in the CLIA Covid lab at Kean University

New Certified COVID-19 Testing Lab Opens at Kean

A new federally certified campus lab that will process COVID-19 test results has opened on Kean's Union campus, building upon an unprecedented partnership with the County of Union in diagnostic testing and critical public health research during the pandemic. The lab will deliver test results in 24 to 48 hours.
Kean student, Michael Naya, smiles for a photo with 3 World War 2 veterans.

Kean Freshman Preserves the Histories of WW II Veterans

Michael Naya hopes to be a history professor one day. While the Kean freshman pursues that professional dream, he is doing the work of a historian, recording the military experiences of World War II veterans from around the country.