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Strategic Analytics & Data Illumination (SADI)


Data Insights and Institutional Priorities

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "data"? If you are like most of us, you likely think of numbers and charts, and you are right; however, numbers and charts are only part of the story. At Kean University, we use data to provide us with insights and we know that data is only insightful if it provokes movement. With that in mind, we designed this portal to be an interactive tool for our community allowing us to evolve from inquiry to action.

View SADI Data Hub (KeanNet ID required)

Accreditation and Assessment

Provides leadership for the planning and implementation of academic program review, student learning outcomes assessment, university assessment and assessment-related training.

Institutional Research

Supports the University's planning and decision making processes by collecting, analyzing and interpreting institutional data.

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Mission & Vision

Our Division of Strategic Analytics and Data Illumination (SADI) strives to provide transparency through data ​visualization and strategic analytics that support excellence, equity, and research. Our unique teams are ​determined to create a data-centric culture, moving from insight to action, while fostering institutional success.

We do this by:

  • Serving as a central hub for University data acquisition, reporting, analysis, governance, assessment, ​and accreditation;
  • Building data literacy and analytics capacity that empowers the University community to use data to ​support evidence-based decision making and improve institutional effectiveness;
  • Supporting campus partners in identifying factors that contribute to student success and leveraging ​data to develop a holistic, student-centered focus across all dimensions of the student experience;
  • Identifying opportunities for partnerships across University units and divisions, building and ​supporting new data collaborations to foster efficiency and innovation;
  • Applying a lens of diversification, equitability, and inclusivity to our data practices while providing ​culturally responsive information analytics that reveal our institutional strengths and targeted needs ​for continuous systemic improvement.

SADI is guided by ethical principles of honesty, accuracy, confidentiality, and integrity when ​representing and using data, in alignment with the principles set forth by the Association of Institutional ​Research.

Our Values

Excellence & Equity

Our commitment to excellence ​& equity is embodied in our ​educational practices and ​service.

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Excellence & Equity


Incorporating the importance of community responsibility and integrity in our campus life experiences.

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An academic focal point and educational epicenter continuously evolving in alignment with students' needs.

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Kean Student Success Dashboards

Managed by the Offices of Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research, the Kean University Student Success Dashboards are one of the most exciting additions to the interactive resources offered by the Division of Strategic Analytics and Data Illumination. The dashboard provides practitioners with an innovative set of analyses and graphics that strategically reframe student data and illuminate opportunities to help more students earn a high-quality college degree, while closing equity gaps. Highlights of the dashboards include salient information about:

  • Students who leave the institution without a degree
  • Analyses of course GPA gaps between underserved students and peers
  • Predictive models that assess the relationship between meeting early academic milestones and completing a college degree

Requests for Data

Submit a Data Request Form

Our team will ​review the request within 48 business hours and ​assign the appropriate department to support the ​data collection. Once a department/point person has ​been assigned, you will be contacted with an ​estimated completion date. While the goal is to ​provide a quick turnaround on your request, it is ​important to note that longer turnaround times are ​possible depending on the depth of the request.