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Kean University

Green urban development

Task Force Members


This sub-committee seeks to have formal education programs and courses that address sustainability. By training and educating future leaders, scholars, workers and professionals, higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to prepare students to understand and address sustainability challenges.


This sub-committee seeks to provide students with sustainability learning experiences outside the formal curriculum and to support employee engagement, training and development programs in sustainability.


This sub-committee seeks to measure and reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions and positively impact the health of the campus community and our local communities and regions.

Planning & Administration

This sub-committee seeks to institutionalize sustainability by dedicating resources to sustainability coordination, developing plans to move toward sustainability, and engaging stakeholders in governance.

Executive Leaders:

Felice Vazquez, Senior Vice President for Planning, Sustainability Task Force Co-Chair,

Daniela Shebitz, Ph.D., Chair and Professor for the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Science, Sustainability Task Force Co-Chair,

Academics Sub-Committee:

David Farrokh, Assistant Dean, CBPM, Academics (AC) Goal Leader

  • Ms. Omara Cardoza, Managing Assistant Director, Kean Ocean
  • Ms. Maria Briffa, Coordinator for Student Retention and Academic Technology, Office of Student Retention and Educational Innovation
  • Dr. Deirdre Carney, English, General Education
  • Prof. Joan Roberts, Adjunct Professor, School of Management and Marketing
  • Dr. Robert Marjerison, Assistant Professor, Global Business, WKU, College of Business and Public Management
  • Dr. Valerie Vaccaro, Associate Professor, School of Management and Marketing
  • Dr. Lucas Kirby, Ecology, Dorothy and George Hennings College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology
  • Dr. Heather Stokes-Huby, Chair and Professor, Department of Chemistry, Dorothy and George Hennings College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Engagement Sub-Committee:

  • Sarah Coykendall, Managing Assistant Director, Holocaust Resource Center, Diversity Council on Global Education and Citizenship, Engagement (EN) Goal Leader
  • Lydia Kaplan, Lecturer, School of General Studies
  • Robyn Roebuck, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Billie Bailey, Director, Bridge to Success Program
  • Lucia Pasternak, Campus Minister, Office of Campus Ministry
  • Dr. Allison Edgley, Lecturer and Internship Coordinator, School of Communication, Media and Journalism
  • Jessica Goldsmith Barzilay, Executive Director, International Studies & WKU Student Affairs
  • Dr. Jennifer Block-Lerner, Associate Professor and Director, PsyD in Combined School and Clinical Psychology
  • Dr. Karen Woodruff, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Teaching, College of Education
  • Danielle Ford, Managing Assistant Director for Digital Content Strategy, University Relations
  • Erica Colace, Director, Kean Skylands
  • Christopher Lipari Pazienza, Residence Life

Operations Sub-Committee:

  • A.J.Whitmore, Facilities & Campus Planning, Operations (OP) Goal Leader
  • Suzanne Kupiec, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Alex Rivera, Director, Center for Economic and Workforce Development, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation within the John S. Watson Institute for Urban Policy and Research
  • Barbara Lee, Special Education & Literacy Professor
  • Cailin O'Connor, Lecturer in Environmental and Sustainability Science
  • Yadira Hern√°ndez N., Marketing Associate, Kean Stages
  • Kety Rosario, Adjunct professor in Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • Marvin Adames, AVP for Student Retention and Educational Innovation
  • Andrew Ruiz, student in Environmental & Sustainability Sciences
  • Mark Yushak, Adjunct professor in Environmental & Sustainability Sciences
  • Galia Shokry, Postdoctoral fellow in Environmental & Sustainability Sciences
  • Ana Coyle, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Rebecca Laboy, Adjunct Professor, Kean Ocean
  • Christopher Lipari Pazienza, Residence Life

Planning & Administration Sub-Committee:

  • Orley Wainberg, AVP for Business Affairs, Planning and Administration (PA) Goal Leader
  • Barbara George Johnson, VP of External Affairs & Urban Policy & Research
  • Tamika Quick, Ph.D., Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Scott Snowden, AVP, University Registrar
  • Jessica Bances, Accounts Payable Manager, General Accounting
  • Donna Britt, Associate Director, University Procurement and Business Services
  • Susan Reimann, Benefits Manager, Human Resources
  • Thomas Abraham, Ph.D., Professor, School of Management & Marketing
  • Will Heyniger, Lecturer, Sustainability-Atmospheric-Environmental-Earth-Climate Sciences & Policy
  • Mensah Peterson, Ed.D., AVP, Advising, Persistence and Success