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Kean student experiments with hydroponic farming

President's Sustainability Task Force

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Our Mission

The President's Sustainability Task Force supports and creates sustainability initiatives at Kean through four key areas of focus: Academics and Research, Planning, Operations, and Engagement.

The Task Force seeks to engage the campus community in sustainability initiatives for the benefit of the surrounding area and the planet. Sustainability efforts at Kean are supported by policies and planning designed to facilitate governance and transparency. At Kean, both formal education and meaningful campus experiences reflect our ongoing commitment to building a more sustainable future.

Learn more about Kean's sustainability programs below.

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Kean Skylands campus


25% of Kean courses include elements of sustainability.


Over 70 faculty from 23 departments are currently engaged in sustainability research.

Climate literate

Kean prepares students to be climate literate citizens.

Student and Employee Involvement

Kean students and employees support the University's commitment to sustainability by participating in university-wide recycling and composting initiatives. They also utilize the vehicle charging stations on campus and participate in planting trees and environmental cleanup.

Dr. Mu with students
Student and Employee Involvement

Our Initiatives

Kean's ongoing commitment to sustainability is reflected in longstanding campus initiatives like our composter and hydroponic greenhouse. Kean's Plant Ecology Laboratory conducts mechanical plant research and studies the influence of human activity on plant biodiversity.

Lake in Skylands
Our Initiatives

Academics & Research

Kean is New Jersey's urban research university. Our dedicated faculty are pioneering innovative solutions to environmental problems facing our communities and the world. Kean's earth, environmental and sustainability science programs are educating the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Skylands Talk
Academics & Research

Kean Skylands

The newest campus at Kean University is located in the Oak Ridge section of Jefferson Township in Morris County. A living laboratory nestled among the trees, Skylands offers a diverse array of wetlands and woodlands for exploration, observation and study.

Kean Skylands
Kean Skylands

Center for the Urban Enviorment

The Center for the Urban Environment strives to protect communities Of Color and low-income communities from disproportionately high amounts of pollution by addressing environmental justice issues on the local, state and national levels.

City for CUE
Center for the Urban Enviorment

Human Rights Institute

The Human Rights Institute at Kean was established to shine a light on human rights issues and violations across the globe, while inspiring the next generation to create a more just and peaceful world. The Human Rights Institute promotes environmental justice by promoting equity and supporting initiatives targeting at increasing access to clean air and water.

Human Rights Institute at Kean
Human Rights Institute
Kean students participate in river cleanup

Student Work

Kean students are passionate about preserving the planet for future generations. Kean's sustainability initiatives include student-led and student-supported projects. The following sustainability resources were developed by Kean students enrolled in Professor Allison Edgley's Community Building class.

December 2022 Newsletter

Sustainability Flyer

Sustainability Map