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Kean University


Ph.D., Computer and Information Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Bioinformatics on SNP genotype calling, cluster detection, data analysis, and algorithm
  • Data mining, classification, and clustering
  • Image processing and pattern recognition, especially in the microarray and fingerprint areas
  • Geographic information systems and geotagged images.
  • Interactive web & database applications development with graphic user interface
  • Data processing, analysis, integration and automation.
  • Cyber-learning, educational multimedia, methodology and online tools in Math and Computer Science for secondary schools and colleges.

Courses Taught

  • CPS 3525 - Programming in Unix/Linux Environment
  • CPS 3740 - Database Management Systems
  • CPS 4721/5721 - Data Mining Principles/Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • CPS 4745/5745 - Visualization Design and Development/Data Analytics and Visualization
  • CPS 5740 - Database Systems
  • TECH 3740 IT - Database Management Systems

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to stimulate students to study in a creative way and interact with them, in the classroom and after the class. I would like to integrate my research and application development with my courses and also share my work experiences with students.