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Kean University

Professor Crawley is a public health professional, mindfulness facilitator, and well-being coach with several years of experience planning and implementing health education workshops and trainings for students, parents, community groups, teachers, and other professionals.Over the years, she has implemented several evidenced-based interventions and provided client-centered and risk-reduction counseling. Her current focus area is the integration of public health and mindfulness practices for holistic well-being. She focuses on educating individuals on how mindfulness practices can help to reduce stress, cultivate daily self-care, and increase self-awareness for the purposes of inner peace and healing. 


  • B.S., Public Health, Temple University
  • MPH, Rutgers School of Public Health

Areas of Expertise

  • Health Education & Behavioral Sciences
  • Integration of Public Health & Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Health & Well-Being Coaching