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What You Learn

Kean's athletic training curriculum model includes both rigorous didactic and clinical education training. In the didactic phase, students take courses that cover the five domains of athletic training: injury and illness prevention and wellness promotion; examination, assessment and diagnosis; immediate and emergency care; therapeutic intervention; and health care administration and professional responsibility. In the clinical phase, students are given the opportunity to work in a high school, college, or other professional and clinical outreach settings.

Graduates from master's program will be able to:

  • Identify injury, illness and risk factors associated with participation in sport/physical activity
  • Conduct a thorough initial clinical evaluation of injuries and illnesses commonly sustained by the athlete/physically active individual
  • Provide appropriate first aid and emergency care for acute injuries
  • Illustrate effective communication for appropriate and efficient referral, evaluation, diagnosis and follow-up care
  • Create and implement comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and/or reconditioning programs
  • Develop, coordinate and supervise the administrative components of an athletic training program



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The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) is recognized as an accrediting agency by the Council of Higher Education (CHEA), a national advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation of academic quality through accreditation. 

Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE)


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