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What You Learn

  • Demonstrate core knowledge in the principles of earth science including environmental science, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography
  • Conduct field studies, collect samples, and administer surveys
  • Apply the scientific method to research natural phenomena of the world: geological, climatological, oceanic, and astronomical
  • Recognize the interconnectivity of the planet from soil, air, and water to climate and biodiversity
  • Utilize the latest technological tools and software used in the field
  • Critically analyze information and effectively communicate scientific ideas in writing and speech

After Kean, I want to attend graduate school to study seismology to help predict when the catastrophic San Andreas earthquake will occur. Kean's program is so great because we get to apply what we learn in class to hands-on experience through fieldwork, labs, and research. One of my favorite aspects is learning the various computer programs (GIS, Terrset for remote sensing, Matlab) that top companies and researchers use to complete in-class projects.

Maura DePalma
B.S. in Earth Science - Geoscience option with a minor in Sustainability and Mathematics

Cougars Climb Higher

At Kean, we believe learning extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms and labs. That's why we encourage you to live on campus, study abroad and pursue internships that will advance your career. Find out more.

Kean Skylands

A "living laboratory" in Jefferson Township spans 41 acres of pristine forest, providing immersive research and educational opportunities for students.

Kean Highlands campus in Passaic County
Kean Skylands

Study Abroad

Kean offers study abroad opportunities in many countries. Study at Wenzhou-Kean University in China for the cost of a semester at Kean USA.

Kean students in a gorgeous outdoor setting in Northern Ireland 2023
Study Abroad


Partner with faculty or conduct independent research. You can publish and present your findings at Kean Research Days or at national conferences.

Victor Suarez standing with arms crossed

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