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You can pursue a variety of options through the biology department at Kean.

Our bachelor of arts degrees in biology train students to teach high school biology (B.A. Biology Education and the B.A. Biology Education Teacher of Students with Disabilities) while the B.A. Biology general option provide the foundation in biology for any number of different career pathways and is the most flexible degree option to accommodate transfer credits for students who started college elsewhere prior to coming to Kean. The B.A. Biology general is available either as an in-person degree or as an online degree. The online degree is NOT recommended however for students who plan to pursue careers working in scientific laboratories or who plan to apply for graduate school or any type of clinical degree such as medical school, PA school, PT school or related. Indeed, as biology is a discipline of study involving laboratory skills, in-person biology degree students must take biology lab courses in person.

The bachelor of science degrees in biology are ideal for students looking to pursue advanced graduate or professional degrees within the areas of biotechnology, molecular biology, biomedical research, microbiology, medicine and health-related clinical fields The B.S. Biology/Cell & Molecular option is best for students who plan to apply for M.S. or Ph.D. programs, as well as those who are pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharm, pre-dental, or pre-optometry. The B.S. Biology/Health Professions option is geared for those who wish to apply to graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language, or physician’s assistant. The B.S. Biology/Forensic Science option blends the study of biology with that of forensics and criminal justice.

The biology department also houses the B.S. Medical Lab Science (formerly Med Tech) and B.S. Clinical Lab Science degree programs as well as the B.S. Health Information Management (HIM) degree.

There are minors in Biology, as well as Forensic Science and even Bioinformatics.


Salvatore Coniglio, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Carisa Davis, Ph.D., Lecturer
Maria Gemmellaro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Renalison Farias-Pereira, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Lucas Kirby, Ph.D., Lecturer
Brenna Levine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Laura Lorentzen, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Nancy Lafleur, Ph.D., Lecturer
Sara Maass-Meyer, Lecturer
Sasmita Mishra, Ph.D., Lecturer
Matther Niepielko, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Maria Shumskaya, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kim Spaccarotella, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Adriana Tagliaferro, Ph.D., Lecturer
Evros Vassiliou, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Also: Jesus Ballesteros Chavez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor; Kerrylynn Konecny, Lecturer; Rongsun Pu, D.Phil, Associate Professor; Kristie Reilly, Ph.D., Professor; Cecil "Jake" Saunders, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Roxie James, Ph.D., Subasinghe Dias, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Xiaobo Yu, Ph.D., Professor

Program Options:

B.A. in Biology (Available In-Person & Online)

B.S. in Biology | Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology falls under the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences.

B.A. in Biology | Dual Certification, Teacher of Students with Disabilities and K-12

B.A. in Biology | Teacher Certification, K-12

B.S. in Biology | Cell and Molecular Biology

B.S. in Biology | Forensic Science

B.S. in Biology | Health Professions

Concentrations in prePA, prePT, preOT and pre Speech Language.

B.S. Medical Lab Science

B.S. Clinical Lab Science

B.S. Health Information Management

Contact Us

Department Chair: Laura Mackey Lorentzen, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Office Location: George Hennings Science Bldg, Room C-124
Phone: (908) 737-3661
Dept. Office is staffed Mon - Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Kean students are exposed to the best opportunities available. Each student leaves having confidence that the education they have received will be of benefit in the future."

Linda Yarfi
Analytical Research & Development Scientist at Merck
Linda Yarfi Biology Student

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At Kean, we believe learning extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms and labs. That's why we encourage you to live on campus, study abroad and pursue internships that will advance your career. Find out more.

TriBeta National Biological Honor Society

Members of the TriBeta National Biological Honor Society attended the TriBeta Northeast Region 2 District Convention at Drew University in New Jersey to present their research findings.

Biology students display research
TriBeta National Biological Honor Society


Kean students have the chance to conduct research with world-class faculty and present their findings at the annual Kean Research Days event.

Research days students at poster presentations. School and Clinical Psychology, LPC Qualification, Medical Technology

Internships and Jobs

At Kean, we believe in helping all of our students find internships and jobs that support their career goals. Career services staff provide professional services and offer job fairs and networking events year-round.

Kean students gain real-world experience through internships. (Medical Technology)
Internships and Jobs

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