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Kean University

What You Learn

Earn your bachelor's degree in the first four years and a master's degree in biotechnology sciences in the fifth year.

  • Learn to integrate science with applied mathematics to solve the biomedical and engineering challenges of the future
  • Participate in the Research First Initiative as early as freshman year
  • Take advanced coursework and apply scientific and mathematical principles to laboratory techniques and real-world projects
  • Conduct professional caliber research with SIST faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories that can lead to patents, publications and conference presentations

B.S. in Science and Technology Molecular Biology | M.S. Biotechnology Sciences

I like the diverse culture of Kean University. The dorms are beautiful, and Kean enabled me to earn my B.S. and M.S. in five years.

Kyeara Mack
B.S. Biotechnology/M.S. Biotechnology. Kyeara was accepted into a Pharmacology Ph.D. program in the Weill Cornell School of Medicine.
Kyeara Mack Biotechnology Science student

Cougars Climb Higher

At Kean, we believe learning extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms and labs. That's why we encourage you to live on campus, study abroad and pursue internships that will advance your career.

Research First Initiative

Freshman honors students choose a research track, join a faculty-led research team and conduct real-world experimental research as part of their STEM education.

Kelly Bachovchin STEM student
Research First Initiative

The Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship

An incubator and accelerator for regional startup biotechnology companies doubles as a powerhouse for Kean students looking to launch biotech careers.

Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship student
The Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship


Students can partner with faculty or to conduct their own original research, resulting in a professional master’s thesis or research papers that can be submitted for publication or from which can then be applied to presentations at national conferences.

Research at Kean.
Kean University Academics

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