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Kean University has developed a comprehensive Climb Higher Restart Plan for the Spring 2021 semester. Please visit the Return to Campus page to find details and contact information for student services, admissions and more.

Courses Taught

  • ACCT 2232
  • MGS 5110

Areas of Expertise

  • Management (Organization & Policy)
  • Finance and Marketing
  • Quality Systems
  • Reliability Engineering

Teaching Philosophy

I believe teaching involves communication, which is at the very least, a two-way process. My students teach me as much, if not more so, as I teach them as an instructor. 

The best part about teaching at Kean University

Kean University is truly a place were academic freedom is well understood and universally practiced to help achieve the full potential of liberal arts education necessary for this 21st century needs. 

My students should know

I am also a counselor where entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is facilitated with a Public Private Partnership for the past 50 years with the help of volunteers.