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Fall 2021 Semester

Learn more about the University’s health and safety protocols to help protect the campus community from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus.

Areas of Expertise

  • Systems & Networking
  • IoT-enabled Cyber Physical Systems
  • Wireless & Sensor Systems
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Mobile/Vehicular Computing and Networking

Courses Taught

  • CPS 1231-01 Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • CPS 1231-04 Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • TECH 3620-01 Mobile Application Development
  • TECH 3620-02 Mobile Application Development
  • CPS 1231-07 Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • CPS 1231-08 Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • CPS 4222-02 Principles of Networking
  • CPS 4222-03 Principles of Networking
  • CPS 5881-01 Independent Graduate Study in Computer Science

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching goals are to support students to mature as independent learners, to embrace diversity in class, and to connect teaching with research.