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Weather Alert

Due to the impending storm and the State of Emergency recently declared by Gov. Murphy, all classes on the main campus and Kean Skylands are canceled beginning at 7 p.m. tonight. All classes also will be canceled tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26, and nonessential personnel should not report to campus. Kean Ocean students should visit the Ocean County College website for information regarding any class cancellations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition Education 
  • Diet
  • Exercise and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Post-exercise Recovery

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is not simply providing students with knowledge but empowering them with the ability to apply knowledge within the classroom and in their daily lives.  To that end, a good teacher effectively presents information, interacts with students so that they learn through concrete examples and inspires them to apply what they have learned beyond the classroom setting. This is the highest goal of a teacher and perhaps the most rewarding aspect, to see students use the lessons they have learned to make a difference in the world long after the class and semester have ended.      

The best part about teaching at Kean University

As a Kean Alumna, I am proud to teach at my Alma mater.  I enjoy working with our diverse student body teaching subjects that inspire me and hopefully sharing that passion with others.

My students should know

When I am not teaching or doing research, I enjoy playing tennis, piano, guitar, cooking, crafting with fiber and paper, volunteering and spending time with family and friends.