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Remote Learning & Virtual Services

In response to COVID-19, Kean University is conducting remote education and providing all services remotely until further notice. Find out more.

Areas of Expertise

  • Educational Research
  • Curriculum Development
  • Doctoral Studies
  • APA Formatting Guidelines

Courses Taught

  • EDD 6331 - Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDD 6302 - Educational Research
  • EDD 6104 - Instructional Leadership
  • EL 5503 - Public School Administration II
  • EL 5607 - Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction
  • EL 5030 - Educational Research
  • EL 5613 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy compares instructors to tour guides and their students to world travelers. Within this metaphor, instructors themselves have often traveled new worlds and engaged many unknowns. As such, they are able to model some future journey for their students. Instructors are further described as culturally sensitive, inquisitive and pedagogically savvy. The philosophy ends with a student's ability to learn more than just course content. The desired outcome is for students to nurture lifelong learning.