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What You Learn

This customizable program opens doors for exploring, identifying, and understanding major globalization processes and issues from diverse theoretical perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Develop global awareness, cross-cultural competence, and critical thinking

  • Build quantitative and qualitative research and policy analysis skills

  • Enroll in courses that evaluate the impacts on society of major globalization processes at local, national and international levels

  • Take a Travelearn course to Africa, Asia, or Europe or spend a semester at Wenzhou Kean University

  • Take a foreign language

  • Broaden your education and gain valuable skills with an internship

Tailor your program to your own interests and passions, in consultation with your personal faculty advisor. You take three core liberal arts courses, four advanced courses, a guided research capstone project, and an area of concentration. Choose to concentrate in either a specialized issue of global concern, such as women’s and gender studies, environmental justice, or Jewish world affairs; or in a region of geo-political interest like Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

Jared Van Ramshorst, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

B.A. in Global Studies

Also available

Students in building studying

I like that there is a focus on global awareness. Its important to know about different countries and their governments. Businesses are very global too, and you have to understand the way different countries work. It's inevitable the work we do here will end up in different countries.

Natalie Hernandez
First Kean Global Studies major
Natalie Hernandez

The Classroom and Beyond

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