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Arthi Krishnamoorthy

Arthi Krishnamoorthy is a partner at Deborah Berke Partners where she leads some of the firm’s most complex projects, distilling the client’s intricate ambitions into clear, design-driven solutions. These projects range from a university concert hall with sound-isolated practice chambers, to a 4-acre city block redevelopment with extensive public greenspace and a 175,000 sq. ft. high-performance corporate headquarters.

She brings to her work expertise in managing large teams and forging consensus among multiple stakeholders, with a humane approach to user needs and an intrinsic understanding of how climate, culture and community influence design.

Arthi earned her Masters of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and her B.S. Architecture from the University of Illinois and has studied at the AA in London. She is Singaporean and lives in New York.

An Arthi Krishnamoorthy design
Princeton residences designed by Arthi Krishnamoorthy