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Ed.D., Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University

Areas of Expertise

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child Development
  • Language Development of Young Children
  • Parenting Styles and Practices

Courses Taught

  • EC5100 - Language, Reading and Thought in the Young Child: Theory and Practice  
  • EC5260 - Research in Early Childhood Education
  • EC5230 - Developmental Theories
  • EC5320 - Creating Partnerships with Families
  • EC5565 - Teaching Practicum and Seminar
  • EC5590 - Theory into Practice: Organization, Interpretation and Integration
  • EC5598 - Advanced Research Seminar in Early Childhood & Family Studies
  • EC5599 - Advanced Research Seminar in Early Childhood & Family Studies 
  • ID3210 - Working with Infants and Toddlers in Diverse Settings
  • EC2900 - Field Experience in Multicultural Early Childhood Settings 
  • EC3250 - Perspectives on Early Childhood Practice
  • EC3300 - Teaching and Learning I
  • EC3400 - Student Teaching in Early Childhood I
  • EC4260 - Supporting Emergent Literacy at Home and at School   
  • EC4300 - Teaching and Learning II
  • EC4401 - Student Teaching in Early Childhood II

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching is about crafting, designing and orchestrating learning experiences and environments that are student-oriented, a philosophy that is inspired by: (1) constructivist theories about learning, (2) the belief about teaching and learning as a social activity, and (3) the imperative of critical reflection in the teaching-learning process.