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Athletes' Mental Health

Areas of Expertise

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Therapy Acceptance and Commitment
  • Therapy Mindfulness
  • Health Psychology
  • Palliative Medicine/Thanatology
  • Chronic Pain
  • History of Science

Courses Taught

  • PSYD 7180 - History and Systems of Psychology
  • PSYD 7480 - Psychopharmacology
  • PSYD 8000 - Dissertation Seminar
  • PSYD 7119 - Professional Seminar
  • PSYD 7701 - Clinical and School Practicum
  • PSYD 7401 - Interviewing and Psychotherapy Lab
  • PSYD 7431 - Introduction to Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment

Teaching Philosophy

I invite my students to question the scientific assumptions and methods of the discipline in which we work. Both my therapeutic work and teaching are informed by a descriptive contextualist approach to the practice of psychology. Descriptive contextualism emphasizes the social, historical and relational contributions to psychological knowledge and interventions. As such, it continually examines the values and priorities of the discipline, including ways that psychological discourses (e.g., psychopathology, psychotherapy) contribute to the social construction of human distress.