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Kean University


Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, University of Oklahoma
M.S., Exercise Physiology, University of Oklahoma
M.S., Microbiology (Distinction), Tribhuvan University
B.S., Microbiology, Tribhuvan University

Courses Taught

Statistics (EXSC 5113)
Research & Design In Exercise (EXSC 5112)
Prescriptive Exercise Program (EXSC 4626)
Electrocardiography (EXSC 4630)

Reasearch Interests

Dr. Sharma’s research looks at the impact of exercise and nutrition on the molecular levels of bone metabolism, a complex sequence of bone turnover, and bone formation. She has also investigated the novel markers such as sclerostin, DKK-1, RANKL, and Irisin in response to exercise via signaling cascades. Dr. Sharma’s research interest further looks at the disease prevention aspect of osteoporosis/sarcopenia with exercise performance. She has also collaborated with other researchers and produced several peer-reviewed publications. She also worked as a reviewer for more than 10+ peer-reviewed journals.


1. Sharma-Ghimire P, Buchanan S, Bemben MG, Knehans A, Campbell J, Bemben D. 2022 Sclerostin snf Dickkopf-1 Characteristics According to Age and Physical Activity Levels in Premenopausal Women. Journal of Clinical Densitometry 25 (2) 168-177
2. Chen Z, Sherk VD, Sharma-Ghimire P, Bemben MG, Bemben DA. Site-Specific Bone 2022 Differences and Energy Status in Male Competitive Runners and Road Cyclists. Journal of Clinical Densitiometry 25 (2) 150-159
3. Bhochhibhoya A, McDowell L, Yonce S, McLeod A, Sharma-Ghimire P. 2021 Applying a Mixed-Method Design for Needs Assessment for a College Based Safe Ride Program in a Rural Setting. Journal of Alcohal and Drug Education 65 (3) 10-30