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What You Learn

A Kean liberal arts degree provides the powerful intellectual foundation, communication skills and cultural awareness necessary to succeed in the 21st-century global job market.

This customizable academic program offers an interdisciplinary path that suits students with unique passions and career goals. You will develop the practical skills needed to identify, evaluate and consider solutions to real-world challenges and gain distinct strengths in:

  • Critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and reading/research skills
  • Cultural analysis and awareness of social justice and other societal concerns
  • Synthesizing new ideas, forming rational arguments and posing meaningful questions and solutions
  • Communicating complex, big-picture concepts to diverse audiences with differing perspectives
  • Creative entrepreneurship and innovation that can be applied to many industries

With a Kean Liberal Arts (B.A.) degree, you also can attend graduate school in business, law, media and communications, creative writing, education or the arts and will enjoy many career opportunities.

Students must select at least one minor course of study offered at the university. However, students have enough credits in this area to select two if they choose.


Victoria Rey, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Shalander Samuels, Ed.D., Assistant Professor
Susan Ahern, Lecturer
Dena Arguelles, Lecturer
Vanessa Bell Despinos, Lecturer
Joshua Burnett, Lecturer
Louis D'anjou, Lecturer
Leslie Dacosta, Lecturer
Kim Daniel-Robinson, Lecturer
Sharmistha Das-Iyer, Lecturer
Kim-Le Downes, Lecturer
Tamara Hart, Lecturer
Lydia Kaplan, Lecturer
Sean Keegan-landis, Lecturer
Giancarlo Labruna, Lecturer
Melissa Libbey, Lecturer
Kathleen Lodge, Lecturer
Abigail Maguire, Lecturer
Eunice Nkansah, Lecturer

For more information contact:

Kim Daniel-Robinson, Ph.D., Coordinator
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
(908) 737-0414

Program Information Highlights
The 120 credits needed to graduation with a B.A. in Liberal Arts include:

  • Completion of the University’s General Education Requirements
  • Social Justice Themed Courses
  • A Career Capstone Course
  • A Research Capstone Course
  • An Internship experience (in any field or discipline - student’s choice)

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