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What You Learn

In Kean's psychology program, you'll conduct research and learn about human behavior, development, relationships, mental health and addiction.

  • Study the diagnosis and treatment of psychological conditions

  • Learn about consumer behavior, and gain research and analytical skills

  • Enhance your critical thinking and develop the ability to communicate effectively

  • Gain insight into the human mind that you can apply to a diverse array of careers

  • Pursue a forensic psychology track or a psychiatric rehabilitation track

  • You can also complete your degree at Kean Ocean in Toms River or online.


Sharon Boyd-Jackson, Associate Professor
Becky Diaz, Lecturer
Chrysoula Fantaousakis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Emily Filardo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zandra Gratz, Ph.D., Professor
Verneda Hamm Baugh, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Janine Martins Shannon, Ph.D., Lecturer
Lauren Mastrobuono, Lecturer
Ilyse O'desky, Ph.D., Professor
Jane Obrien, Ph.D., Lecturer
Nelta Paul, Lecturer
Linda Symanski, Lecturer
Shai Tabib, Ph.D., Lecturer
Peter Kardos Ph.D, Professor

Program Options:

B.A. in Psychology (Also available online)

B.A. in Psychology | Forensic Psychology Option

B.S. in Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Also available

Kean's community service culture is heavily embedded in the University's standards. Those institutional values have made me feel more welcome. I’ve been able to grow through my Kean experience, both professionally and in the classroom."

Tibian Hassan
Tibian Hassan

Cougars Climb Higher

At Kean, we believe learning extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms and labs. That's why we encourage you to get involved in clubs and organizations, study abroad at our campus in China or elsewhere, and pursue internships that will advance your career. Find out more.

Speaker Series

The Department of Psychology’s Annual Speaker Series explores the impact of psychology on art, addiction, autism, business, communication, criminal profiling, education, mental illness and more.

Gateway Building
Speaker Series

Study Abroad

Kean offers study abroad opportunities in many countries. Study at Wenzhou-Kean University in China for the cost of a semester at Kean USA.

Kean students in a gorgeous outdoor setting in Northern Ireland 2023
Study Abroad

Internships and Jobs

At Kean, we believe in helping all of our students find internships and jobs that support their career goals. Career services staff provide professional services and offer job fairs and networking events year-round.

Kean students gain real-world experience through internships. (Medical Technology)
Internships and Jobs


Kean psychology graduates move on to exciting careers, or graduate study, in a diverse range of fields.

  • Psychologist
  • Advertising analyst
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Human resource manager
  • Consumer insights specialist
  • Market researcher
  • Counselor

And so much more!


Employment for psychologists is projected to increase by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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